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Goods Yard clearance

Clearance work undertaken over recent weeks has begun to reveal several structures which were operational elements within the goods yard.

The single storey concrete framed Meals Store at the eastern end of the Goods Yard serviced by siding 10. The store had three canopied doorways each serving separate small platforms. It was used to store sacks of grain and other agricultural feedstuffs prior to distribution to the farms of the district. It is now on land owned by Network Rail. The future of the structure is unknown.

On the northern boundary of the Goods Yard close to the coal sidings - numbers 8 and 9 - and again on land owned by Network Rail, is a long and low concrete roofed block-built structure fronted by concrete base. The purpose of the concrete base is unknown. The structure does not appear on any known plan of the goods yard, is not related to any known structure, eg.the Cartage Office, and the date of construction is unknown. It is thought to be a salt store; a similar structure is known to have existed near the Llandeilo Junction Signal Box. There may be salt staining within the structure but access is blocked.

During the winter months prior to the late 1960’s, salt was spread around the main line switching points to prevent freezing. Subsequently this manual system was replaced by automatic frost operated gas burners.

Scarcely distinguishable amidst the dense vegetation is the loading ramp at the end of siding 6. It is thought that it was used for unloading road vehicles from flat-bed rail wagons. The intention, once cleared, is to retain the structure as a feature within the yard.


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