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Groups at the Goods Shed

Llanelli Railway Goods Shed is in the midst of a massive change. The office block of the building has already been renovated, taking special care to use the colours of Great Western Railway, and to retain all the original features. The other side of the building is mid renovation, steadily being changed as money is found to fund the project.

The reason for this renovation is two-fold. One is to retain the heritage of a beautiful building that was left abandoned and unloved for decades. The other reason is to provide a much-needed community hub for the people of Tyisha and indeed the whole of Llanelli. There is an on-site community café and there are businesses and classes running out of the offices and various groups that meet on a regular basis:

FAN (Friends and Neighbours):

If you would like to meet some new people in the area and discuss different topics, then the FAN Group is on every Monday at 10am. There is a topic of the week, and anyone is welcome to the group if they feel they want to contribute to that discussion, or even just to be companiable.


This is a great social group for over 50s who meet every Thursday from 11-12.30pm. The purpose of the group is to create lifelines of friendship for those who may be feeling lonely and was originally set up by Age Cymru Dyfed as part of their Befriending Life Links project. The attendees have enjoyed their time with us so much, they’ve given themselves a name and intend to carry on!

Llaeth Mam Breastfeeding Support:

For new and expectant mothers, we have a volunteer-run breastfeeding support group and it is the perfect group to find new Mam friends and grow the support network that is so important for a mother. This group meets every other Friday, 9.30-11.30 through term time.

Antenatal and Parentcraft:

If you are an expectant parent, then you can also get involved in the antenatal and parentcraft classes that are run at the Goods Shed. They offer information on childbirth and how to care for newborn babies, giving information on things ranging from breathing techniques and pain relief during childbirth, to feeding and bathing the baby. Everyone within those classes will be expecting a baby within a few months of each other so it’s an excellent way to get to know the people who you will end up seeing in baby groups later in life. They are run by NHS midwives and are an excellent source of information. Referrals are required via your NHS midwife to attend the twice a month classes.

The Railway Goods Shed truly is a fantastic place to meet and make friends and we’re always open to new groups joining our ranks. If you have a group that you run that needs a home, then just get in touch and hopefully we’ll be able to welcome you into this wonderful space.


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