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Interest from local construction firms

In March 2019, our trustees met with leaders from local construction firms from the Carmarthenshire Construction Training Association (CCTAL) group to discuss potential opportunities for working in collaboration on our Goods Shed restoration project.

Cyfle Building Skills, which operates a shared apprentice scheme in conjunction with CCTAL and its local contractors, was one of the businesses present in the meeting. It was agreed that the Goods Shed project provided opportunities for training apprentices in much needed heritage building skills.

Nia Griffith MP, Chair of the Llanelli Railway Goods Shed Trust, said:

“It is great to see interest from local building firms in renovating the former Llanelli Railway Goods Shed in Marsh Street.
“The task of doing up the whole Goods Shed building is absolutely enormous, and will require considerable funding, but, in order to get things moving, the trustees have made an application for a grant to get started on the old office block.”
“CCTAL has an excellent track record of engaging with the community and helping important local projects to succeed. We look forward to working with them to take this exciting project forward.”

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