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Llanelli Goods Shed - The Initial Facility Part 2

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Margrave Ltd. was active as a business through and beyond the turn of the century. The building has been re-purposed and is now - 2023 - a dance studio.

In 1881 the London & North Western Railway which had running rights to the GWR (New) Dock via the Central Wales line through Llandeilo and Pontardulais, proposed the construction of a goods station at Llanelly. A proposal for a new line and goods shed were included in one of the L&NWR 1876 general Acts of Parliament. It is considered that the chosen location for the proposed new goods shed was the open area between the main line and Trinity Chapel, ie.opposite the new GWR goods shed. (see photo below). The shed would have been accessed from the east via a spur from the sidings and lines to the GWR (New) Dock. It is likely that the proposal was a way of putting pressure on the GWR for improved running powers rather than a serious and cost-effective option. The proposal was eventually abandoned in another general Act in 1890.

The new Goods Shed in Marsh Street represented a significant financial and operational investment by GWR. The new office on the western end of the shed was a single storey building entered on the western facade. Many subsequent alterations have obliterated the original internal layout. Nothing now remains, other than a basement room function unknown, of the office at the eastern end of the shed. The aforementioned Mr. B.R.F.Heydon was appointed as the first Goods Agent at the new enlarged Goods Shed. Subsequently, up to the mid 1930’s a further four men - Messrs Smart, Talbot, Oakes, and Lowe - had the role of GWR Goods Agent at the Shed.

In the early 1900’s to cope with an increasing amount of goods traffic, both the Goods Shed and associated offices were extended. The ground footprint of the western office block was more than doubled and a second storey was added. Again it is difficult to ascertain the precise internal layout, but the evidence of numerous fireplaces throughout the building would seem to indicate a number of individual offices. It is assumed that the eastern office block was demolished at this time to allow for the construction of a new unloading platform under a steel-framed canopy. It is also probable that additional goods sidings and associated facilities - the “Meal” store / Banana shed - were created at this time, along with additional office space - the “Cartage” and Railway Police offices.

In both the inter-war and post-war periods with an increase in the variety, quantity and nature of the goods traffic being handled, there were undated alterations to the Goods Shed. The principle and most obvious physical alteration being the widening of the loading bays to accommodate larger vehicles. Operations to separate incoming and outgoing gods traffic were enhanced. Within the office block a form of central heating was introduced in the immediate post 2nd. World War period.

At the Railway Station the “bay platform” associated with the “Up” platform was taken out of use in 1968 (see image above and below). The rail layout between the Railway Station and the Goods Shed was substantially altered in the post 2nd.World War period. However the “downside” goods sidings were still in use through to the mid 1960’s until they were removed; the area becoming the current station car-park.

The physical changes to both the Railway Station and Goods Shed and the area linking them over an extended period, reflect the development and changing requirements in the operation of the railway both in relation to passenger and goods traffic. The process of change and development continues.


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