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A new purpose for the Signal Box?

How would you like to see the former Llanelli Railway Signal Box used? Do you have any exciting ideas for this listed building?

This hidden gem just off Glanmor Road, to the west of Llanelli Station, is remarkably well preserved considering the age of the building, and was in use until very recently.

Built for the Great Western Railway in 1877, the signal box was one of 5 connecting Chepstow to Fishguard during the height of Llanelli’s industrial revolution.

The Reverend Eldon Phillips who is not only a trustee of the Llanelli Railway Goods Shed Trust but also a keen train enthusiast, visited the signal box last year.

He said:

“What a wonderful little building this is, it’s so exciting to finally see inside as I regularly used to watch the trains hurtling past when I was a child.”

The Llanelli Railway Goods Shed Trust is looking to negotiate a 10 year lease of the signal box with Network Rail.

There is a long way to go before this charming signal box is ready for the public to enjoy, but when it is, it will no doubt be an asset to the town connecting a piece of Llanelli’s industrial past with the ambitious regeneration plans for the Tyisha area in Llanelli.


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