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Des presents amazing model to the Goods Shed

Representatives of the Llanelli Railway Goods Shed Trust are absolutely thrilled with the intricate model of this historic Grade II listed building, in Marsh Street, Llanelli, that has been presented to them by Mr Desmond Thomas, from the Llanelli and Mynydd Mawr Railway.

Mr Thomas made the model of the Goods Shed himself, taking many painstaking hours to make a very accurate replica, reproducing the exact look of the stonework and completing the inside of the building with the platform and the railway track.

Des is a lifelong railway enthusiast who is well-known for his passion and dedication to the Llanelli and Mynydd Mawr Railway Project, which resulted last month in the best-attended ever open day at the Cynheidre site, where, after many years of hard work by Des and his fellow enthusiasts, visitors can now enjoy boarding a train from the reconstructed platform and take a train ride along half a mile of rebuilt railway track.

In thanking Des for the model of the Goods Shed, Nia Griffith MP, who chairs the Trust, said, ”We will treasure this model and give it pride of place in the Goods Shed, which we are currently renovating for use by the community. The detail Des has managed to recreate on this model is absolutely amazing, and I am sure it will become a talking point for visitors to the Shed. “

Richard Roper, Secretary of the Trust, added

“Des is well known to many throughout Llanelli as a great campaigner for the preservation of our industrial and railway heritage. His skills and dedication to the cause are truly represented by this expertly crafted model. The Trust is extremely grateful to him for supporting the project in this way.”

Martin Doe, Treasurer of the Trust, said,

“Having worked with Des for over twenty years at the LMMR I know that his dedication to and knowledge of the heritage of railways is second to none. His model-making skills and his generous donation of the model to the Goods Shed Trust are much appreciated.”


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