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John Edwards: Coal Distribution

The personal memory of John Edwards:

During the summer vacation of 1948, while I was a student at the

University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, I was employed at the Llanelli Goods


When open trucks arrived, mainly loaded with coal destined for delivery to

various local industrial concerns, they were covered by tarpaulin sheets to protect the

contents from the rain. These trucks never actually entered the Goods Shed itself but

were sorted and sent directly to the various industrial concerns. Once the coal / goods

had been unloaded the tarpaulin sheets were discarded and thrown to the floor in a

heap. It was my job to take a small hand-cart around the industrial concerns to

retrieve the sheets, fold them tidily, put them in the cart and return them to the Goods


Coal destined for the retail coal merchants of the district was deposited in a

large heap in the Goods Yard, sidings 8 and 9 close to Langland Road. It was

collected by the different merchants, weighed into one-hundred weight hessian bags

and loaded on to lorries or horse-drawn carts to be sold from door to door around the



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