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Local Voices Caught on Camera

On Sunday 11th December 2022, former employees of the Goods Shed were welcomed back to see what work has been undertaken and to share their memories of life at the Goods Shed.

Three former employees - Tom Morgan, John Ellis Thomas and David Williams - all came back for a return visit. To ensure their stories aren't lost to time, we conducted filmed interviews which we will incorporate into our heritage area displays.

In addition, we have been very fortunate that other former employees have donated items to the Goods Shed that would have originally been sited there. Hazel MacAvoy has very kindly donated a GWR desk but was unable to attend our filming session. We have also received donations of cases, a chest and some lamps from John Wynne Hopkins and family.

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who has contributed to our filming day and for donations received, and also thank you to David Hurford who conducted the interviews.


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