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UPDATE: Office Block progress

We are excited to share the progress that has been made on the office block and the surrounding site in recent weeks. It is now possible to see elements of the basic internal structure of the soon-to-be completed office areas.

Recently, the main work within the goods yard has been the laying of sections of rail-track into and under the steel-framed canopy, prior to the delivery of a Class 143 Pacer diesel multiple unit in the coming weeks. Also, clearance work in the area of the canopied extension has exposed structural elements requiring further investigation.

The office block now has:

  • two new chimney stacks (replacing those that were deemed unsafe)

  • dry-lining of the external walls

  • a new ceiling

  • office partitions along with electric wiring to comprise the major works undertaken on the first floor.

  • work beginning to accommodate the lift shaft and the services for the bathroom and kitchen facilities

  • the first elements of the lift shaft along with electric wiring and some of the support framework for the installation of dry-lining

It has been necessary to create space for a plant-room at the western end of the main shed; the framework for the room has now been created.

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